A Note From the Photographer


During my career and the many years I have been involved with hydropower development, I had the privilege of being able to travel to many places around the country and to a few countries abroad. My travels gave me an opportunity to indulge in one of my hobbies - photography.

During that time I was able to photograph old mills (the roots of hydropower and manufacturing in the U.S.), and many hydro project dams, power plants, reservoirs, and interesting places, and some pretty amazing scenery along the way.

In addition, project owners, friends, and colleagues generously provided a number of the photos that are in my collection.

The photos represent one of the benefits of hydro development that has been both enjoyable and interesting. I thought that others in the hydro industry or associated with dams might also enjoy the photos. Because of the excellent work and important contributions that the NPDP provides to the profession, donating the photos to the NPDP puts them in good hands so they can be shared with others.

Hopefully, you will find the photos of interest and enjoy them too.

Ron Corso