CEE Special Symposium

Wednesday, May 16. 2018

Shriram Center 104, Stanford University

After Oroville

Managing Critical Infrastructure Public Safety Risks
and Potential for Extreme Consequences
Paradigm Change without Disaster?

Professor Martin McCann

Adjunct Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director of the National Performance of Dams Program

California Assemblyman James Gallagher

Co-author of a new Dam Safety Law

Mr. Stephen Rigbey

Director of Dam Safety at BC Hydro
Member of the Oroville Independent Forensics Team

Professor Robert Gilbert

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Texas
Author: Beyond Protecting the Public from Risk,
“Engineers can better serve the public by considering costs and benefits
in addition to failure, and by working more closely with the public”

Oroville Independent Forensics Team Report

Professor Gilbert Article

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