Recent Dam Safety News

Date News Item Link Category
10/28/2017 Oroville Dam, months after near disaster, ready for another winter
Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/27/2017 South Florida Worries About Possible Dike Failure Incidents
10/26/2017 Belleville Locks and Dam partially closed after crane accident
10/26/2017 Dams being removed at Hamant Brook in Sturbridge Dam Removal
10/24/2017 Contractors submit bids to demolish Estabrook Dam Dam Removal
10/24/2017 Woodlake residents sue dam owner
10/23/2017 As dams burst, Trump seeks to gut key safety regime Incidents
10/23/2017 Oroville Dam: Report calls for DWR to transfer dam ownership
10/23/2017 Oroville Dam spillway repair costs jump to $500M Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/23/2017 And the river flows into our hearts Dam Removal
10/21/2017 Bolivar Dam project completed under budget, ahead of schedule Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/19/2017 Peterborough’s Bell Mill Dam project in flux
Dam Modifications/Repairs
Public Hearings
10/19/2017 Nearly $500M in repair work continues on two TVA dams Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/19/2017 Governor Scott tours Herbert Hoover Dike at Lake Okeechobee Other
10/19/2017 Safety modification study for Amistad Dam impending Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/18/2017 ICYMI: Scotts Flat Dam Spillway Public Workshop Scheduled to Explore Options
Dam Modifications/Repairs
Public Hearings
10/18/2017 Seabright dam leak stopped, for now Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/17/2017 Removal of 175-year old ‘obsolete’ Satucket River dam in East Bridgewater to begin next week Dam Removal
10/17/2017 Project to protect Lake Perris dam during quake nearing end Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/16/2017 Bolivar Dam major project rehabilitation in Ohio completed Dam Modifications/Repairs