Recent Dam Safety News

Date News Item Link Category
10/12/2017 A global challenge Other
10/12/2017 Five of six Rio Grande dams have ‘urgent’ safety concerns
Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/12/2017 Hamilton Dam removal to start as riverbed removal project wraps up in Flint Dam Removal
10/11/2017 Lock & Dam 15's failing guidewall will need multi-million dollar fix Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/11/2017 EPA river cleanup plan includes removal of the Otsego City Dam Dam Removal
10/11/2017 Construction to Repair O’Neal Lake Dam in Emmet County is Now Underway Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/10/2017 Six dead, two missing as heavy rains break dams, pound central Vietnam
10/09/2017 Hopedale officials considering designs for Freedom Street dam Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/09/2017 Maps released of homes potentially affected if dams break
Emergency Action Plans
Community Resilience
10/07/2017 Dam repairs nearly complete on Hebgen Lake Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/06/2017 Corps studied flood warning system for dams, but dropped idea Emergency Action Plans
10/06/2017 River industry, consumers at risk if Lock and Dam 52 problems continue
Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/05/2017 Why are taxpayers repairing this dam when we still don’t know why it breached? Incidents
10/05/2017 Hirakud, 60, needs another spillway for safety and longevity Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/05/2017 Divers describe leak below Seabright dam Incidents
10/04/2017 Hurricane Maria: US Army faces race against time to shore up vital Puerto Rico dam before it bursts
10/04/2017 Salisbury has concerns with Spruce Lake Dam Other
10/02/2017 Fish die after Thornbury Dam malfunction Misoperations
10/02/2017 Brentwood, Fremont residents form group to preserve dam Other
09/26/2017 Dam, other designs must consider climate change Other