Recent Dam Safety News

Date News Item Link Category
04/25/2018 What Can Happen When NEPA Is Ignored: The Oroville Dam Incidents
04/24/2018 EID clearing the way for Forebay Dam modification Dam Modifications/Repairs
04/23/2018 Ridgefield Dam a "High Hazard," Remedies Investigated Dam Modifications/Repairs
04/23/2018 BHP, Vale given a further 66 days to resolve Samarco dam failure dispute Incidents
04/21/2018 Think tank slams dam-breaching study
Dam Removal
04/20/2018 Interior awards $17.68 million contract for Steinaker Dam modification to Weeminuche Construction Authority Dam Modifications/Repairs
04/19/2018 Oroville Dam rebuilding project set to ramp up again Dam Modifications/Repairs
04/19/2018 Lumberport dam spillway breached; Mayor says ‘no immediate danger’ Incidents
04/18/2018 South Carolina lawmakers delay action on dam safety bill Dam Safety Legislation
04/16/2018 'This is just the tip of the iceberg': 148 properties in Oliver, B.C., area under evacuation alert Incidents
04/16/2018 School Section Lake in Ottawa is closed after muskrats do damage to dam Incidents
04/13/2018 Tono Irrigation Dam needs major repairs Dam Modifications/Repairs
04/13/2018 Priest Rapids Dam leak blamed on adhesion loss Incidents
04/10/2018 McCarthy calls dam a priority Dam Modifications/Repairs
04/08/2018 Congress must take control of federal dam policy Dam Safety Legislation
04/06/2018 California crews break ground on second phase of $600M Isabella Dam safety project Dam Modifications/Repairs
04/05/2018 California Warns of High-Overflow-Risk at Partially Rebuilt Oroville Dam
Dam Modifications/Repairs
04/04/2018 Now we know why Fort Jackson still won’t tell us everything about the 2015 dam failure Incidents
04/03/2018 Gov. Walker declares it Dam Safety Awareness Week Other
04/02/2018 South wall of Estabrook Park dam falls under blows of hydraulic hammer Dam Removal