Recent Dam Safety News

Date News Item Link Category
01/09/2018 Lake Nancy full again following dam repairs Dam Modifications/Repairs
01/09/2018 State releases funds for removal of dams Dam Removal
01/06/2018 Michigan Dam Faces Shutdown over Longtime Safety Concerns Other
01/05/2018 Final verdict on Oroville Dam: 'Long-term systemic failure' Incidents
01/05/2018 The Latest: California reviews dam safety after tough report
01/05/2018 Earthquakes Near Mount St. Helens a Reminder of Dam Dangers Earthquakes
01/05/2018 Independent report blames DWR, ‘long-term systematic failure’ for Oroville spillway crisis Incidents
01/05/2018 Excerpts from the independent report on the Oroville spillway disaster Incidents
01/03/2018 Conowingo is not the only polluting dam Other
01/02/2018 Early Warning System to be tested this week in SLO County Emergency Action Plans
01/02/2018 Impacts, Lessons from Oroville Spillway Crisis
Dam Modifications/Repairs
01/01/2018 Goffstown finds extra $92k to repair dam on Uncanoonuc Lake Dam Modifications/Repairs
12/30/2017 Dam Completed at Hope Mills Lake Other
12/28/2017 Engineers work to make Isabella Dam safer Dam Modifications/Repairs
12/27/2017 Oroville Dam: DWR asks for license before report is released Dam Modifications/Repairs
12/26/2017 Walter Hill Dam in need of repairs Dam Modifications/Repairs
12/26/2017 Eel River dam removal finished Dam Removal
12/24/2017 Repairs on Capitol Lake dam to start next week Dam Modifications/Repairs
12/24/2017 Benbow Dam removal completed Dam Removal
12/22/2017 Cracks discovered in spillways at 3 South Bay dams Incidents