Recent Dam Safety News

Date News Item Link Category
08/31/2017 Govt urges residents on Ogun River to relocate Other
08/31/2017 Public meeting held for Littleton Dam modification Public Hearings
08/31/2017 Dam inspection time Other
08/31/2017 Sandusky River’s Ballville Dam to be notched soon, finally coming down Dam Removal
08/31/2017 Inspectors check for weak spots on Shasta Dam Other
08/30/2017 Cheshire Has Time to Make Dam Removal Decision Dam Removal
08/30/2017 Houston’s besieged dams were built 70 years ago after this 1935 flood devastated the city Floods
08/30/2017 Harvey’s record rains just triggered Houston dams to overflow Floods
08/29/2017 Time-lapse video shows work moving along on damaged Oroville Dam spillway Dam Modifications/Repairs
08/29/2017 Why Houston's reservoirs aren't likely to fail after Hurricane Harvey Floods
08/28/2017 Release of reservoir water could affect thousands in Houston area Floods
08/28/2017 Lewis Creek dam, reservoir "remains stable" Floods
08/28/2017 Safety reviews underway as four of ACT's largest dams do not meet code Other
08/27/2017 Dams release ‘Jolina’ rainwater
08/27/2017 How Are Addicks and Barker Reservoirs Handling Hurricane Harvey? Floods
08/27/2017 Collective storage in dams swells to 90% Floods
08/26/2017 When mine dams fail: two recent examples Incidents
08/25/2017 VIDEO: Reclamation dam safety study on debris loading Other
08/25/2017 As Woodlake Dam Breach Nears Completion, Fate of Lake is Still Uncertain Dam Removal
08/25/2017 Considering the case for Union River dams Dam Removal