Recent Dam Safety News

Date News Item Link Category
10/05/2017 Hirakud, 60, needs another spillway for safety and longevity Dam Modifications/Repairs
10/04/2017 Hurricane Maria: US Army faces race against time to shore up vital Puerto Rico dam before it bursts
10/04/2017 Salisbury has concerns with Spruce Lake Dam Other
10/02/2017 Brentwood, Fremont residents form group to preserve dam Other
10/02/2017 Fish die after Thornbury Dam malfunction Misoperations
09/26/2017 Dam, other designs must consider climate change Other
09/22/2017 Aussie engineer SRG to tackle ageing US dam system Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/22/2017 Repairing Springbank Dam could be a regulatory headache Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/22/2017 Puerto Rico Dam Fails As Hurricane Maria Continues To Plague Residents
09/20/2017 Lake Forrest Dam fixes proposed; could cost over $7M Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/20/2017 Study shows potential dam failure could impact more than 25,000 residents
Emergency Action Plans
09/19/2017 Oroville Dam highlights California water infrastructure ‘falling apart’
Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/19/2017 Nam Ao Dam in Laos burst last week Incidents
09/18/2017 Langley Pond dam repairs progressing, but neighbors still worry about lost business Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/18/2017 Parley's Canyon dams withstand magnitude 3.3 earthquake Earthquakes
09/18/2017 Burst dam sends workers running for their lives; videos Incidents
09/18/2017 Town meeting with state to discuss options for reservoir dam Public Hearings
09/16/2017 Activists protest as world’s second-biggest dam is set to be inaugurated in India Other
09/16/2017 Neighbors weigh legal fight with city over dam repairs
Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/16/2017 State Calls for Repair of Wright Reservoir Dam Modifications/Repairs