Recent Dam Safety News

Date News Item Link Category
09/18/2017 Burst dam sends workers running for their lives; videos Incidents
09/16/2017 State Calls for Repair of Wright Reservoir Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/16/2017 Analysis: Dam replacement project looks abandoned Other
09/16/2017 Activists protest as world’s second-biggest dam is set to be inaugurated in India Other
09/16/2017 Neighbors weigh legal fight with city over dam repairs
Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/15/2017 Oroville-inspired dam inspection bill racing against legislative deadline
09/15/2017 Slide on Wilson Lake Dam Repaired Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/15/2017 Sprague Lake Dam Repair In Rocky Mountain National Park Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/15/2017 Disaster in the making Other
09/15/2017 Oroville Dam: Here’s what the spillway looks like now Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/14/2017 Gypsum hosts big dam celebration for completion of LEDE Reservoir dam Other
09/14/2017 Dam failure in Nassau County post-Irma Incidents
09/14/2017 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says Whittier Narrows Dam is unsafe and could trigger catastrophic flooding Other
09/13/2017 River traffic shut down as Corps struggles to fix dam Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/12/2017 Lake Wylie experts can’t recall a bigger spill. See what’s being done to fix it. Incidents
09/12/2017 Bid to repair leakage under Seabright Dam discussed Dam Modifications/Repairs
09/12/2017 One way to alert the public in the event of an unlikely upstream dam failure that would flood the Delaware River Corridor is to blast sirens. Emergency Action Plans
09/12/2017 Demolition of dam to begin Wednesday Dam Removal
09/12/2017 Monterey Dam controversy continues at DNR public hearing Public Hearings
09/11/2017 Class-action lawsuit claims negligence in Oroville Spillway incident