NPDP Dam Dictionary

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Term AKA Definition
Sump A pit or pool for draining, collecting, or storing water.
Sump pump A pump used for removing collected water from a sump.
Surcharge To fill or load to excess.
Surcharge capacity The reservoir capacity provided for use in passing the inflow design flood through the reservoir. It is the reservoir capacity between the maximum water surface elevation and the highest of the following elevations: top of exclusive flood control capacity, top of joint use capacity, or top of active conservation capacity.
Surface vibration A method of compacting soil using a vibrating plate or vibrating smooth drum roller used on the surface of soil placed.
Surface water An open body of water such as a river, stream or lake.
Surge A rapid increase in the depth of flow.
Swale A low place in a tract of land. A wide, shallow ditch, usually grassed or paved.