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Term AKA Definition
Cubic foot per second cfs; ft3/s A unit of discharge for measurement of a flowing liguid equal to a flow of 1 cubic foot per second (448.8 gallons per minute, or 1.98 acre-feet per day). A rate of streamflow; the number of cubic feet of water passing a reference point in 1 second.
Cubic foot per second cfs; ft3/s As a rate of streamflow, a cubic foot of water passing a reference section in one second of time. A measure of a moving volume of water (1 cfs = 0.0283 m3/s).
Cultural patrimony Ancestral heritage and entitlement.
Cultural resource(s) Any building, site, district, structure, or object significant in history, architecture, archeology, culture, or science.
Culvert A pipe or small bridge for drainage under a road or structure.
Current I The movement of electrons through a conductor, measured in amperes.
Curtain grouting The process of pressure grouting deep holes under a dam or in an abutment to form a watertight barrier and effectively seal seams, fissures, fault zones, or fill cavities in the foundation or abutment.
Curved gravity dam A gravity dam which is curved in plan.
Cut To lower an existing grade or surface level, or an area where this has been done. Gross cut is the total amount of excavation in a road or a road section, without regard to fill requirements. Net cut is the amount of excavated material to be removed from a road section, after completing fills in that section.
Cutoff An impervious construction by means of which water is prevented from passing through foundation material.
Cutoff trench Keyway An excavation in the foundation of an embankment dam, usually located upstream of the dam axis or centerline crest which extends to bedrock or to an impervious stratum. The excavation is backfilled with impervious material to form a cutoff and reduce percolation under the dam. See foundation trench.
Cutoff wall A wall of impervious material (e.g., concrete, asphaltic concrete, timber, steel sheet piling, or impervious grout curtain) located in the foundation beneath an embankment dam and which forms a water barrier and reduces seepage under a dam or spillway.
Cutting Excavating, lowering a grade.
Cycle A completed round of regularly recurring events or phenomena.
Cycling Powerplant operation to meet the intermediated portion of the load (9 to 14 hours per day).
Cyclopean dam A gravity dam in which the mass masonry consists primarily of large one-man or derrick stone embedded in concrete.
Cylinder gate A gate that resembles a large barrel, reinforced to withstand external pressure, with no top or bottom.